I am CandySue
    ....a landscape, nature and portrait photographer. My passion is to capture nature's beauty from bees pollinating on wild flowers to waves crashing against structure. Be sure to click on about me to learn how my passion began as a child with my mom.

    Coastal Collection
    The ocean waters bring such a calmness to my soul. There is something so majestic about having my feet buried in the sand, my eyes closed, and hearing the waves crashing onto shore. It doesn’t matter if I am having a stressful day or feeling down, as the very second, I open my car door and step out to all sounds of the ocean, there is an instant relief throughout my body.(click on the image to see more)

    Nature Collection
    Nature is all around us...trees...land...flowers...sky and so much more. It speaks to us all differently. For me, the skies can be mysterious and dark at times. I become excited at the sight of new blooms making their way upward from the ground or the trees and shrubs blooming. I hope you are able to look at this collection and feel what I saw through the lens. (click on the image to see more)

    Landscape Collection
    Landscapes are picturesque and majestic. From cascading waterfalls to breathtaking mountain views you can find yourself being lost in your surroundings. (click on the image to see more)

    Wildlife Collection
    Wildlife is some of my favorite pictures…if I sit long enough, I can capture the bees and butterflies pollinating, the red birds perched up high and the ducks spreading their wings. I even found an adorable Iguana on a trip...I'm not sure who was watching who more. ⠀(click on the image to see more)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    Inspirational Collection
    If you are anything like me sometimes you need to hear some encouraging words. This line is full of images with inspirational quotes and Bible verses (verses are customizable). (click on the image to see more)

    Architecture Collection
    Every town has a bit of uniqueness in its buildings and structures. (click on the image to see more)